Network in Land Rehabilitation Training

A Network for Education, Training and Transfer will be created by the end of the project. The core mission of this network will be to contribute to raise awareness on the correct use of the land by society at large, and also to establish a forum for educators, researchers, technician and decision-makers. The end-point of the Network in Land Rehabilitation Training is to improve training capacities on Land Degradation and Rehabilitation in order to contribute to a sustainable environment management and to fulfill the demands of an emerging labour market with important implication for rural development (multiplicative effect on green economy).

The network will be hosted by hosted by The Society for Ecological Restoration and will be working in coordination with national and international associations (scientific, companies, NGO’s…).                                                                          
Image credit: Social Network Analysis Visualization by Calvinius (Wikimedia, CC BY-SA 3.0)

The presentation of the Network in Land Rehabilitation Training will take place during the International Conference for Educators and Students: LANDCARE FOR THE FUTURE  to be held in Santiago de Compostela the 16-18 July 2018.