Report Impact Analysis of Blended Mobility on Green Employment


The report IMPACT ANALYSIS OF BLENDED MOBILITY ON GREEN EMPLOYMENT assesses the impact of the Landcare Project on the training capacities and the employability within the field of land degradation and restoration.

Throughout the project, different good practices have been developed and implemented to improve the training capacities on land degradation and restoration. This report documents the design, implementation, results and impact of a number of goals of Landcare such as improved internationalization, construction of a flexible virtual training platform, development of interactive teaching methods, creation of innovative teaching materials, incorporation of employment as part of the syllabus, and engagement of professional partners in the training. These goals have been emphasized in the different activities throughout the project, particularly in the pilot courses. The present assessment investigates the impact of these innovative teaching practices and the role of technological tools to complement updated training. Another aspect considered and discussed in this report is the impact of this type of training to enhance employability skills.

The success of these activities and blended mobility was measured on the basis of different criteria and using relevant indicators. Aspects such as the way learners react to their experience of the course or the new knowledge, skills and attitudes gained from the course have been assessed.